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BIM, The Digital Way of Built Environment Life Cycle

Construction is probably one of the oldest engineering fields that has been continuously practiced ever since the origin of the human mankind. Say it Indus Valley, Egyptian Civilization, Greek, Chinese or Peru settlements – every human settlement has continuously invested a lot of effort in understanding the natural conditions of the settlement locality, basic material […]
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Extending BIM to analysis and identify ways to reduce resource consumption

Applying BIM to analyze existing commercial buildings also helps deliver a plethora of economic, environmental, and societal benefits—that go far beyond complying with mandates. Extending BIM to analysis can help you identify ways to reduce resource consumption, increase on-site renewable opportunities, build consensus, review investment-grade audits, increase investor confidence, improve employee morale, and meet requirements for sustainable design and […]
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AutoCAD Civil 3D for Mining Industries

AutoCAD Civil 3D software, the building information modeling (BIM) solution for civil engineering, helps project teams deliver higher-quality transportation, land development, and environmental projects faster. By building information modeling we mean that your project is dynamically linked from starting point to end point that is if you do any change at starting part of your […]
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What does a clash cost to company

In one of article posted in beyonddesign by Lee Mullin, has given nice detail on what does a clash cost you as a company. whether you are the contractor, architect, engineer or specialist sub-contractor? You need to consider the materials wasted, the new materials, the cost of labour on site and in the office resolving […]
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