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Capricot is launching in India a revolutionary way of delivering multiple implementation, training and support resources in a single, concise interface. It helps in modifying and solving the issue of workflow, training as well as getting help when Stuck.

Through a combination of software and services, design professionals access onscreen Workflow, Cheat Sheet & Video content, and receive unlimited Live Training and Technical Support. This enables people to efficiently use Autodesk software the way it was intended and effectively get their work done.

Enable your organization to:

  • Implement standard workflow procedures and have people take advantage of the latest software features.
  • Take just the right amount of training, just when you need it while working on projects and avoid the big blocks of nonbillable time and travel costs.
  • Have occasional users productively use the software.
  • On-board new people quickly.
  • Have people help themselves when they get stuck.
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