What is Autodesk Basic Support?

Autodesk Basic Support is available to Autodesk customers on a maintenance plan, is designed for customers who need a minimal level of product support. Basic Support includes access to:

  •  Online, moderated community support forums, with the option to escalate forum questions to a one-to-one support request
  •  A wide range of online help and exclusive support webcasts designed to equip the customer’s internal support staff with the tools and skills needed to provide first-level support for Autodesk products
  • One-to-one Autodesk support via web/email

What’s Autodesk Advanced Support?

Autodesk Advanced Support is designed to help subscribers minimize downtime and resolve issues quickly.

Advanced Support features unlimited, priority, one-to-one, 24x5, global phone support and online help options, including an Online Autodesk Knowledge Network and Community support forums.

Advanced Support is a premium offering designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses maximize productivity and minimize downtime and lower the overall cost of ownership of Autodesk software.


What are the benefits of Autodesk Advanced Support?

In addition to Basic Support, Advanced Support delivers the following benefits to customers:

  • Effortless access to an Autodesk support agent:
    • Phone: Customers can schedule a time for an Autodesk support specialist to call them to troubleshoot technical issues. Autodesk support specialists (for the complete Autodesk product portfolio) are available 24x5 to help minimize downtime
    • Online Chat: Customers can receive immediate answers to less complex issues (limited availability)
    • Web / Email: Customers can log onto Autodesk Knowledge Network, describe the issue within Autodesk Support submission form and an Autodesk support specialist will respond quickly to help troubleshoot
  • Tracked support requests and Autodesk responses that enable the customer's entire team to benefit from answers posted to individual users’ questions
  • Remote desktop assistance to expedite troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • API (Application Programming Interface) support


Differences between Basic Support and Advanced Support  

Support Offering Benefits

Advanced Support

Basic Support

Installation and configuration

Online Autodesk Knowledge Network

Web support

Expedited community forum support

Chat support

Phone support

Remote desktop assistance on demand

Access to application programming interface (API) support

Option to escalate questions to Autodesk from community support forums

Access to webcast training seminars

Service Level Timeframes

For a description of severity levels, see the Support Terms and Conditions

Severity 1: 2 hours

Severity 2: 4 hours

Severity 3: 8 hours

Severity 1: 8 hours

Severity 2: 16 hours

Severity 3: 32 hours


What’s Electronic Downloadable (ELD) license?

Recently Autodesk has launched Electronic delivery of software licenses to make it an industry-standard practice.  It provides customers with more efficient and convenient access to their Autodesk products. It also reduces the dependence on physical media, making it a “greener” delivery process from the physical boxes that are standard today.

According to these changes customers will only be able to order an ELD License.