Space Planning & Management


(A)Space Inventory & Performance :- ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance provides an integrated Web-based solution for viewing and managing an organization’s different types of space (such as departmental boundaries/ rooms/common areas, vertical penetrations, service areas, and more) to ensure optimal space allocation.
(B)Personnel & Occupancy :- Personnel & Occupancy highlights rooms by availability so planners can reallocate space by showing where capacity is over- or underutilized .
(C)Space Chargeback :- Improves accuracy of departmental cost reporting for greater accountability on dedicated and common area space costs .Assures more accurate planning based on current space costs and planned future growth projections that improve critical decisions on consolidations, moves, and acquisitions .
(D)Strategic Master Planning :- The ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning application helps organizations better align facilities and infrastructure development with organizational changes through sophisticated analysis of historical space data and other information.
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