Mudbox – Digital painting and sculpting software


Toolsets for digital sculpting and digital painting

Mudbox software helps you create production-ready 3D digital artwork. Get a high-performance work environment and professional-quality tools for 3D sculpting and digital painting.

Tools for symmetrical retopologizing – Enforce topologically symmetrical results when retopologizing meshes.

Efficient layer grouping – Organize Sculpt Layers and Paint Layers into layer groups to more quickly and easily identify certain layers in complex scenes.

Maya interoperability for textures (enhanced) – Import and export Ptex and multitile UV textures to and from Maya.

Maya image plane matching (enhanced) – Enjoy a smoother multiproduct modeling workflow when using images for reference in both Maya and Mudbox software.

Maya Blend Shape interoperability (enhanced) – Create Blend Shapes in Mudbox and merge them into a Maya scene via Layer Groups.


Mudbox digital sculpting and digital painting software enables you to create production-ready 3D digital artwork. Mudbox offers a high-performance environment and professional-quality tools to help you create highly realistic 3D characters, engaging environments, detailed props, and compelling concept designs in less time.
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