Environment & Risk Management

ARCHIBUS applications that deliver sustainability capabilities to help achieve assessment, planning, and performance management targets include:

(A)Environmental Sustainability Assessment :- Establishes proactive sustainability processes that can improve operational efficiencies, enhance stakeholder work environments, and boost asset value .Identifies which assets should be repaired, renovated or replaced to achieve environmental efficiency goals or support an existing LEED™ or BREEAM® rating program.

(B)Energy Management :- ARCHIBUS Energy Management provides the means to easily aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption and costs.

(C)Green Building :- Delivers an information framework to help reduce overall carbon footprint .Facilitates compliance with internal or external reporting requirements .Streamlines the computation and comparison of greenhouse gas emissions for all buildings in a portfolio and tracks changes over time.

(D) Waste Management :- ARCHIBUS Waste Management provides defensible information to assess the effectiveness of waste reduction and recycling programs in addition to tracking and managing hazardous waste.

(E)Emergency Preparedness :- Emergency Preparedness lets users view systems and zones within floor plans to provide critical safety information to emergency responders.

(F)Compliance Management :- ARCHIBUS Compliance Management provides a highly scalable solution to easily and efficiently negotiate the substantial data and recordkeeping involved with regulatory compliance programs and permitting processes. This helps reduce administrative costs and prevents costly disruptions such as occupational injuries, property damage, and shutdowns that may result from inadequate compliance practices.

(G)Clean Building :- ARCHIBUS Clean Building provides a flexible and highly systematic process to help ensure all hazardous materials are quickly and accurately located, tracked, and abated using searches that connect directly to graphical views of space and equipment inventories.

(H)Environmental Health & Safety :- Managing a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program to protect both individuals from hazards and the overall organization from liability can be overwhelming. The ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) application enables managers to quickly associate incidents with locations, equipment, and personnel and easily link employee training records and/or medical monitoring to these same incidents .

(I)Material Safety Data Sheets :- ARCHIBUS MSDS lets users identify the type and location of hazards on floor plans for fast and effective response to events involving toxic materials, helping to ensure occupant safety and business continuity.

Environmental & Risk Management Suite

ARCHIBUS Environmental & Risk Management domain were designed to accomplish two complementary goals:

1) Improve environmental sustainability efforts, and

2) Reduce risk to the organization.

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