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(A)Capital Budgeting :- Access to defensible capital budgeting information reduces the risk of undertaking expensive, time-consuming projects that ultimately fail due to inadequate resources. The ARCHIBUS Capital Budgeting application provides a method for tracking the capital budget cycle from request and evaluation, through approval and funding
(B)Project Management :- Ushering a successful project to its completion-whether it is a renovation, acquisition, construction, or move project -requires a well-organized repository of project data and workflow practices. ARCHIBUS Project Management gives project team members workflow access to a central storehouse of information that keeps all participants aligned with master planning goals.
(C)Condition Assessment :- ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment provides an objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action, based on risk mitigation and operational priorities.
(D)Commissioning :- ARCHIBUS Commissioning helps ensure smooth deployment of complex building systems and maintenance practices, resulting in fewer start-up issues and maintenance errors/omissions
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