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Greetings from Capricot Technologies!!

We are glad to introduce ourselves as a leading 3D printer distributor (Stratasys) and service provider throughout India catering services to different industries like Aerospace, Defence, Consumer goods, Consumer electronics, Automobile, Education, Manufacturing, Architecture, Archaeology, and Medical etc.

About Technology

We use patented FDM and Polyjet technology from Stratasys to create 3D physical models layer-by-layer directly from CAD data.  FDM technology uses real engineering thermoplastics like ABS, ASA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Ultem 9085 etc. which are accurate and durable. Polyjet technology uses photopolymers which can print high precision parts.

Few of things which we print includes:-

Concept models Form & fit models Injection mold bridge
Visual aids for tooling Functional testing Hydro-form molds
Communication models Package design RTV molding patterns
Visual aids for engineers Investment cast patterns Epoxy tooling patterns
Marketing models Vacuum forming tools Injection mold tooling
Sales models Blow mold tools Production parts
Models for bidding Composite Lay-ups Fixtures
Product research Sand cast patterns Spray metal tooling

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