What does a clash cost to company

In one of article posted in beyonddesign by Lee Mullin, has given nice detail on what does a clash cost you as a company. whether you are the contractor, architect, engineer or specialist sub-contractor? You need to consider the materials wasted, the new materials, the cost of labour on site and in the office resolving the issue, the cost of machinery, the possible delays to the schedule and any penalties that may involve and a list that could keep going on to through to the possible legal costs. There have been various studies and quotes to talk about how much a clash on site can cost with figures ranging from $1500 up to $8000, dependent on the trades involved, when it’s detected, and stage of the building process. The one thing that people do agree is that detecting a clash in a virtual building environment before you get to site will cost significantly less.

Mcgraw hill bim contractors report benefits autodesk clash


In the latest McGraw Hill report into the value of BIM in Construction, it again showed that the main benefits for contractors using BIM was the reduced errors in construction.

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