Technical Printer for AEC and Design Professionals

HP Designjet T830 MFP

AEC and design professionals become increasingly mobile, they prefer making edits and reviewing plans on the printed page and demand arises for the new systems to withstand tough environments, and are designed for making large-format printing faster and easier, from the office to construction sites.

HP Inc. launched its first imaging devices, new HP DesignJet technical printers, the flagship HP DesignJet T830 MFP, all designed for architect, engineering, and construction (AEC) print, scan, and copy applications.

Designed for construction professionals, general contractors, and computer-aided design (CAD) teams, HP says the DesignJet T830 MFP is the industry’s most affordable, compact, and transportable integrated large-format MFP. HP says the MFP provides a damage-resistant design able to withstand challenging job sites, a built-in scanner, and a front panel that can be extended and operated from a tablet.

HP DesignJet T830 MFP Printer recommended for use in challenging work environments where the MFP must endure dust, frequent transportation or potential hits, such as in mobile offices at construction sites, an optional HP DesignJet Rugged Case offers enhanced damage and dust protection. For durability, the system also features reinforced wheels and feet on the device’s stand.

A 36″ wide, integrated scanner enables users to modify, scan, and share plans in the office, or on construction sites from a mobile device, while its touchscreen provides realistic print preview and document cropping.

This printer will meet 3 key objectives for busy CAD/GIS teams as follows:

  • FLEXIBLE – This printer/scanner will produce professional CAD drawings and general purpose prints with line accuracy +/- 0.1% offering crisp sharp lines and good quality images and will scan up to 109 inches long. This machine is robust and compact – and for the building industry or education sector offers a previously unknown robustness via a casing to protect the printer either during shipping or in situ where the printer is being operated in a hostile environment (the protective casing can stay on the printer while it’s printing). It also offers a choice of between 40ml to 300ml HP ink cartridges to fit your particular print volumes.
  • EASY TO USE/COST EFFECTIVE  – Cut waste by 50% – print at half scale with automatic sheet feeder/tray; use the front panel like a smartphone and easily swipe through the intuitive user interface on the touchscreen. Print from virtually anywhere using Wi-Fi connectivity and avoid paying for large ink cartridges where print volumes are low (or conversely increase ink cartridge size where print volumes are high to avoid user downtime).
  • MOBILE – Easily print from a smart phone or tablet; or alternatively attach your document to an email and send it directly to your printer via ePrint – you have the ability to work ‘on the go’!


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