Streamline tunnel design project workflows

To design tunnels using AutoCAD Civil 3D, its extension tools and other Autodesk Infrastructure Suite. Following is the entire process of tunnel design. We can create geological layers from different sources, design the tunnel corridor, calculate volumes of different geological layers, create the tunnel portal, and perform other tasks in tunnel design
Design a tunnel portal

The Tunnel portal can be designed in Civil 3D using the Grading feature. Several Grading criteria are available for a precise portal model.

Select the right way to design a tunnel

  • Establishing Horizontal Alignment
  • Establishing Vertical Proposed profile
  • Create 3D corridor Model of Tunnel

The centerline can be designed using civil 3D Alignment Creation Tools. The Vertical Profile can be proposed. An assembly for the Tunnel cross section can be then created in Subassembly Composer and a 3D corridor can be generated.

Create geological layers from different data sources

On site Drill operations can provide geological data that can be inserted in Civil 3D using Borehole Importer Utility. Separate geological layers can be generated as Surfaces.

Create typical cross sections and Longitudinal Section

Sample lines at regular intervals can be generated and multiple cross-section views can be generated in sheet form.

Calculate volumes for separate geological layers

Material Volume for different geological layers can be calculated in Civil 3D and Volume report can be generated.

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