Civil Engineering Tools for Railway, Metro design


Access, integrate, and analyze information to generate preliminary layouts of railway system corridors and railway project visualizations. Determine the optimal location for railway systems in the context of the existing environment, design rail stations, and create platform components that follow the geometry of the track perfectly.


  • Create, evaluate, and communicate proposals. Sketch in surrounding proposed infrastructure, including access roads and parking lots.
  • Share proposals with a larger audience. Stakeholders, including members of the public, can explore scenarios through web and mobile access.
  • Create an accurate virtual world. Explore options in the context of the existing environment by aggregating data and 3D design models

Solutions: Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite – Premium

Meeting project timing and sustainability expectations 
Expectations are increasing for organizations to deliver more sustainable, safer assets in a shorter time. Autodesk’s solutions for Building Information Modeling (BIM) help rail, Metro owners, engineering service providers, and contractors access, integrate, and analyze information more holistically to increase productivity and improve the way they plan, build, and manage projects.

Providing a more comprehensive and accurate view 
Take advantage of rich information in intelligent rail project models and get a better view of stations, tracks, and other structures. Evaluate alternatives faster, and create simulations and visualizations for faster approvals. Improve communication by creating a central point to help global field teams manage data, keep track of quality, check adherence to standards, and document projects.

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