3ds Max 2017 New Features – UV Mapping Updates

Of the existing toolsets, UV unwrapping receives the biggest overhaul, including support for multi-tile UV layouts such as those used in tools like Mari and Mudbox; and support for Mari’s UDIM tile naming conventions. Overall performance has been improved, with new algorithms for peeling geometry and for packing the resulting unwrapped UVs more efficiently.

There are also a number of nice workflow features: UV selection now follows the same keyboard conventions as selecting geometry; and isolating a UV region also isolates the corresponding geometry in the viewport. Workflow for eliminating texture distortion also looks to have been greatly streamlined, including the addition of a new checkermap that – unlike the old black-and-white map – includes both colours and numbers.

Areas of high distortion are shown through colour coding in the UV layout, and can be reduced by new Transform and Relax brushes

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