3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing

Do you ever thought that modern manufacturing could be possible without a factory? Since the Industrial revolution age, manufacturing has been synonymous with factories. It is very hard to think about manufacturing without factories, tooling, assembly lines, supply chains and huge labor force. And now this possible now with the help of 3D printers.

3D Printing Technologies are reshaping the products developments and manufacturing and making it possible to become “makers” to individuals, small businesses and corporate departments.

It is not required to have huge capital investment to create things anymore. Now you can create any object at a small scale.

With the vast range of material ranging from chocolate to cells to concrete and being used by corporation, departments and end users, organizations need to understand how the future of 3D Printing Manufacturing Technologies can be used for competitive advantages over their competitors.

3D printing will enable you to be a manufacturer

3D printing technology was invented at 1980 and it was known as Additive Manufacturing (building an object layer by layer). The new things are that 3D printing has reached consumer-friendly price, new improved materials and techniques are making new things possible.

3D Printing Technology has reached such a point where entire manufacturing industry rethinking about entire manufacturing technologies and processes. The next big industrial revolution is transforming entire manufacturing industry to the new world where anyone can participate in the manufacturing process. It will be like Computing revolution. From a big expensive main frame to today’s smart in everyone’s pockets.

Desktop 3D printing manufacturing technologies can be done at home, office, hospitals, school, colleges bringing manufacturing to non-manufactures the same way Smart Phones brought computing power to mass.

On the other side 3D printing, long time used for rapid prototyping is being applied in many industries today including automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, media and entertainment, education etc.

As range of materials, printing accuracy and size of printed objects has increased, 3D printing services are used to manufacture functional parts for aero plane, car bodies, custom prosthetic devices etc. May be in near future army can print any parts they want in the battle fields itself.

And above all of this things there are huge possibilities to create a branch of brand new products, with entirely new properties, that were not possible with the old techniques.

And it is true that ant time there are new products and new properties, that will change the way business operates.

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