• Chakresh Jain
    Chakresh JainChairman

    Chakresh was the founder and CEO of CAD Studio prior to the merger.

  • S. Venkatesh
    S. VenkateshManaging Director

    S Venkatesh was the Founder and Managing Director at Kruthi Computer Services prior to the merger.

  • Sharad Hulji
    Sharad HuljiFounder Director

    Sharad was the Director at Genesis Datacomp, Mumbai prior to the merger.

  • Ramjayesh. K
    Ramjayesh. KFounder Director

    Ramjayesh was the Executive Director at Akademy of Design & Architecture, Hyderabad prior to the merger.

  • Nanda Venkatesh
    Nanda VenkateshDirector SAP / I.T

    Nanda Venkatesh was the co founder and owner of Kruthi Computers prior to the merger.


  • Amit Jain
    Amit JainCountry Manager - AEC Building & Infrastructure Solutions
  • Omprakash
    OmprakashCountry Manager - Education Solutions
  • Raghavendra Bayari T M
    Raghavendra Bayari T MCountry Manager - Graphic Arts (Large Format Printers)
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